STARSET’s story is unique. The band’s founder Bates, is not only a talented songwriter and musician; he’s an equally impressive scientist. A PhD candidate in electrical engineering from Ohio University, he has done research for the U.S. Air Force and taught at the International Space University in France. He‘s as dedicated to promoting science and technology to a wider audience as he is to the development and success of the band. Their relatable and catchy songs on their debut album are filled with science and space themes that prompt the listener to think about and question technology, its uses, and the future of mankind.

The concept of the debut album Transmissions was tied to one main story. On the new album Vessels the songs are about 4 short stories and they are still connected to The Starset Society as an overall concept.

What began as a near-planetary collision of sound, vision and iconoclastic ideologies inspired by the likes of Nikola Tesla and Ray Kurzweil (AKA: The Father of Singularity) has taken a bold step forward with Vessels.    

STARSET is Dustin Bates, Ron DeChant (bass), Brock Richards (guitar) and drummer Adam Gilbert.



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“She’s a born storyteller, with a knack for creating complex characters and conveying the bitter vagaries of love in eloquently economic language.” - . "Everything that came out of California captivated my kid mind in Mississippi," he says. "It seemed like a fantasy land. Way Out West is a love letter to that.