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After over a year crafting their art form, and months of anticipation leading up to this moment, Melbourne heavy metal outfit Gravemind are savouring every second as their debut album Conduit finally releases itself to the world. "We can’t believe the level of hysteria this album has been creating. It feels like we’ve got the whole world on our side, they’re all gearing up to help us push this album out as far as it can possibly go." Vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons says as he unpacks the bands current mind frame.

In a recent interview with Mixdown, guitarist Michael Petritsch tried to simplify the intention behind the endeavour of Conduit. "Everything that we've done before has been only five or six songs at a time. We wanted to double that and see if we could still create something as coherent as our EPs." As reviews for the album began to drop, it was clear this intention had struck with the alternative community. "Some fans have already received their pre-orders in the mail, and that has us pretty excited. Their feedback on the album, and the constant 9/10, 10/10’s we’ve been seeing for the reviews of Conduit has left us speechless."



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CONDUIT (2019)