BOYDOS Press Image

Cooking Vinyl Australia is delighted to welcome Boydos to the CVA family and release his first single Plans, taken from his forthcoming debut album. 

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Eddie Boyd spent his youth busking, before studying classical guitar and touring the world as guitarist for Julia Jacklin. Between tours Boyd considers himself as a“glorified kitchenhand, but I get to wear the chef shirt”. It’s the sort of gallows humour that could come straight out of his lyrics.

He’s the fly on the wall of the gig economy of Sydney’s Inner West, delivering the observations of Kurt Vile and Lou Reed with a dose of adrenalin. It’s beautifully gritty and contagiously agitated.

The themes of procrastination and self-doubt, Boyd reckons, are “pretty common for people in their mid-twenties. Everyone’s trying to get their shit together.” First single Plans is based mainly on his friends (and, okay, a bit on himself). Friends who hope their girlfriend or parents will help cover the rent this month. Friends who use other friends as a yardstick for their own behaviour, calculating that they’ve got a few fuck-ups left before reaching the grand total of someone else’s.



PLANS (2018)