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“Sonically gripping from start to finish and impressive every step of the way, with neither Radke nor the band losing their edge” – 10/10, Outburm 

“The album maintains a brilliant balance between uplifting and confessional, playful and serious. It’s the most real, honest, and self-aware record FIR have released to date.” – 4/5, Alternative Press

“Truly infectious, monolithic stadium-rock songs built on consistent songwriting, stronger chorus melodies, slick production backing honest performances that reign supreme here.”  – Killyourstereo

 “Falling in Reverse may be heading into pop-rock territory but they’re still paying respect to their early beginnings in new ways.”​ – 8/10, Wall Of Sound

“Coming Home isn’t just an album, it’s not just a collection of songs, it’s a turning point for the future of Falling in Reverse, and it makes me want to dance.” – 4/5, Spotlight Report 

“I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said this album is their best so far.” – 5/5, Vulture Hound 

Falling in Reverse have released their fourth album Coming Home, out today on Epitaph RecordsComing Home is the follow-up to 2015’s Just Like You which debut at #6 on the Aria album chart  (also the highest chart debut in the world).

Coming Home is available here.

This is Ronnie Radke’s latest reinvention, coming full-circle back to the start, reinvigorated as mad scientist conductor of soaring, transcendent, engaging alternative pop-rock with massive radio hooks and a still-beating heavy metal hardcore heart. BrokenLoserHanging On, I Don’t Mind, and Coming Home are shocking in their epic scope, vibrant authenticity, and unrelenting dedication to personal truth.

It’s the most focused Falling In Reverse album, thematically and artistically. Crafted once again with Michael “Elvis” Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash, Trivium), who has worked on every one of Radke’s records going back to the now-classic debut album from Escape The Fate, the record sees the group at their most atmospheric. It’s the latest bold step for a frontman who has defined himself by a mixture of courage and vulnerability, of bravado and introspection. He’s tightened his personal inner circle and withdrawn from the antics of the past as he’s poured even more of himself into his art.

Coming Home is the album Radke dreamed about making as a kid, teaching himself to play guitar with Blink-182 and Green Day songs, rapping along to Dr. Dre and Eminem, skipping school, going to shows, and doing whatever it took to redefine his life beyond the hardscrabble circumstances of his upbringing, even when the obstacles were of his own design.

Title track Coming Home was released in late December 2016 and has garnered over 2 million Youtube views and over 1.9 million streams on Spotify. Earlier this week the band released the official video for Coming Home.
“This video is an analogy of the dichotomies between my personal life and my public life — a lonely traveler content on fulfilling the dreams he set out on, but missing out on everything he has at home. A bittersweet duality,” said frontman Ronnie Radke.
Watch the video for Coming Home here:


01. Coming Home
02. Broken
03. Loser
04. Fuck You and All Your Friends
05. I Hate Everyone
06. I’m Bad At Life
07. Hanging On
08. Superhero
09. Straight to Hell
10. I Don’t Mind
11. The Departure
12. Right Now (Bonus)
13. Paparazzi (Bonus)

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